AI For Maritime Industry - Can It Help Improve Safety, Security, And Efficiency?

The maritime industry is vast. It involves transporting goods over long distances, which has a lot to do with the movement of global trade. According to data published by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the shipping industry is responsible for transporting around 9.24 billion tons of cargo worldwide annually. Over 90% of all goods transported globally pass through the seas and oceans. There are two main areas where the maritime industry plays a huge role: the shipping industry and the ports themselves. These areas are vital to keeping global trade moving but are not always efficient. When it comes to improving safety, security and efficiency in the maritime industry, artificial intelligence is a great tool.

An Insight into the ROVs benefits for Hull Surveys.

ROVs inspections are becoming increasingly popular in the maritime industry. However, some market players are still questioning the benefits of deploying ROVs instead of divers for hull surveys.