Yacht Surveys – What you Need to Know For Choosing a "Qualified" Surveyor

Let us start with a clear statement "A yacht inspection from a qualified surveyor is necessary for most cases." Nevertheless, the yachting industry is widely unregulated in terms of survey criteria and surveyors' qualifications, and stakeholders are skeptical of the actual value of arranging a surveyor.

With all of this talk about the yacht's unregulated survey industry, you might wonder, "why is it so vital for me to arrange a surveyor for my asset when I cannot ensure that they are qualified for the attendance scope of the attendance?

So, if you care about the quality of a surveyor's services to your high-value asset, this article is for you.

Understand What A Qualified Yacht Surveyor Is And How They Work

To understand the role of a yacht surveyor, you need to understand what they do. A yacht surveyor is a professional who specializes in evaluating yachts and other vessels and making recommendations for corrective actions. They are qualified by law to perform such assessments and usually are naval architects or marine engineers with proven experience records. A qualified Surveyor is committed to applying a code of ethics and should act independently from brokers, sellers, or other 3rd parties.

Low survey fees are suspect

Low survey fees can be dangerous. With low survey fees, the qualified surveyor makes marginal or no profit from your survey. If they make less, they're not investing as much effort into the survey. Cheap surveys are a real threat to your asset and the first signal denoting that the appointed surveyor is unlikely to be qualified.

Yacht Surveyors Vary in Expertise

Yacht surveyors tend to develop expertise in different aspects of the yacht industry. Although survey checklists are almost similar among different types, a professional yacht surveyor who is assigned for a motor yacht, for example, should have a certain level of knowledge and experience in assessing machinery, electrical, and automation installations that a sailing boat surveyor is unlikely to have. But, duly qualified surveyors have various skills that they utilize in various situations.

Yachts are luxury items and are often technologically advanced. Even if there are no immediate concerns, it's still worthwhile to check the hull, machinery, auxiliaries, electrical, and automation at intervals by assigning a certified surveyor with proven experience for the type of yacht you own. A qualified surveyor can be helpful to give you a clearer idea of how the yacht is performing against rules, regulations, and best marine practices.

Ask for Evidence of Qualification

When looking for a yacht surveyor to survey your yacht, make sure the surveyor you choose is qualified for the scope. Surveys come at fees, so look for the highest level of experience and recognition worth your money.

Here's a list of ways to check yacht surveyor qualifications:

  • Do they have recognition from any international maritime association?
  • Are they graduates from a nautical university or equivalent?
  • Can they demonstrate their expertise with evidence? (i.e., CV or degree)

In conclusion, a qualified yacht surveyor is the only professional who can tell you everything you want to know about your asset. A yacht surveyor has extensive experience and training in every aspect of the yacht, including interior design and building, hull design and engineering, yacht repair, painting, finishing, and more. In other words, a yacht surveyor is all you need for evaluating your purchase or ensuring that your asset is maintained to the standards defined by rules and regulations. Your only job is to ensure that ONLY recognized surveyors inspect your yacht - so select wisely.