86 FLYBOTIX ASIO Solution -
Professional Indoor Inspection Drone
The revolutionary indoor inspection drone ASIO solution manufactured by
FLYBOTIX is designed to conduct confined space inspection faster, safer, and cheaper.
Key Features

A Patended Propulsion System

Flybotix's patented propulsion system consists of two large coaxial and reclining propellers combining the simplicity of multirotors and the efficiency of helicopters. This revolutionary approach allows ASIO to fly up to 24 minutes, leading to more than twice the actual inspection time and accessible range.

In addition, the larger propellers and lower rotation speed generate only 80 dB at 1 meter, which is critical for the pilot's safety and comfort.

Furthermore, the adopted coaxial rotor technology ensures complete control in case of an incident enabling the drone to land safely and avoid extensive damages.


A collision-proof Protective Cage

The patented lightweight cage weighted only 100 gr ensures excellent protection for the drone, the inspected asset, and the people involved in the inspection.

Even in case of an unexpected incident, the cage is designed for quick and easy replacement within 5 minutes.


A powerful Camera System

Equipped with a SONY 4K camera sensor (3840 x 2160 pixels / 12 Megapixels pictures) and an IR sensor by the world leader in thermal cameras FLIR, the ASIO can spot the tiniest details in true colors and identify cold or hot spots that the human eye cannot detect.

The ASIO is further fitted with a +/- 90 degrees vertical gimbal system mounted in front of the drone, the 10,000-lumen power, and seamless high-definition live video streaming and stored capability to the remote control on an ultra-fast micro SD card.


A Large Set of onboard Sensors and Control Algorithms

With more than a dozen sensors to measure its attitude and position 8000 times per second, the ASIO is perfectly stable even in the most extreme GPS-denied confined environments.

The advanced control algorithms such as autopilot, wall-lock, obstacle repulsion, safety slowdown, self-righting, and auto-landing ensure an easy and safe flight.

The FLYBOTIX’s ASIO Solution is the most advanced professional indoor inspection drone and an ideal solution for Industrial asset owner Service Providers involved in:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Maritime
  • Energy
  • Infrastructures
  • Underground mining

See the official FLYBOTIX presentation.

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