1. Definitions

  • "Survey” is any service trading under these conditions.
  • "Client" is the party at whose request or on whose behalf the Surveyor undertakes surveying services.
  • "Report" means any report or statement supplied by the Surveyor in connection with instructions received from the Client.
  • "Disbursements" means the cost of all reasonable photography, reproduction of drawings, diagrams, sketches, and printing, duplicating and, where applicable, electronic transmission fees, and all reasonable and appropriate expenses including travel, subsistence, and hotel accommodation where an overnight stay is necessary.
  • "Fees" means the fees charged by the Surveyor to the Client and excluding any value-added tax where applicable and any Disbursements.

2. Scope

3. Work

4. Payment

5. Obligations & Responsibilities

6. Liability

7. Indemnity

8. Force Majeure

9. Insurance

10. Right to sub-contract

11. Time Bar

12. Jurisdiction and Law